SA Dance School Championships is excited to kick off a new and inspiring season for 2022. With our exceptional competitions and attention to detail, we are looking forward to welcoming you.

SA Dance School Championships has not lost sight of the fact that its success is owed to the hard-working teachers and studio owners that appreciate a fair, fun, organized, and on-time competition.

From its online registration, low-stress environment, unique awards and scoring system, SA Dance School Championships aspires to deliver a quality event to dancers, school directors, teachers and parents alike.

We are therefore very excited to announce the brand-new format of the SA Dance School Championships. Making it not only a learning experience for beginners on stage, but also a competitive competition. We would like to introduce the three divisions of the SA Dance School Championships.

The learning, growing and exciting part of SADC where a routine is given an award based on its individual standard, making it a fair opportunity for each routine, whether it is Beginner or Advanced, to showcase their art on stage and to be rewarded accordingly, without the competitiveness. This is a great platform for dancers to build self-confidence and to receive feedback from the adjudicators directly after their performance. The feedback may be very beneficial to the dancer if they are competing in the Championship division with the same routine.


The competitive part of SADC where a routine is scored and ranked against dances from the same age and discipline. Dancers from different levels will compete against each other for top honours and awards


The challenging and expressive part of SADCS where a competitor goes up against dancers from the same age in improvisation rounds to show their diversity and to see who has what it takes to be awarded the title of DANCE OFF/IMPRO DANCER OF THE YEAR.


Solo R210 per entry
Duet / Trio R165 per dancer per entry
Group R130 per dancer per entry
Registration R50 per Dancer
Media Fee R100 per Dancer
All photos and videos for free

Online System

The SA Dance School Championship utilises a modern online system to manage the competition.

All registrations and entries are done on the online system via the internet and for a dance school the entries are very easy as the system automatically enters a dancer or group into the correct section according to the various rules. The dance school also has easy access to the competition schedule, student schedule, results and other information. Music for each routine is also uploaded into the system so there is no need for CD's.

For parents the online system also provides them with information regarding their child's entries, schedule, marks & placing's and where applicable judges' comments. All very convenient.


FESTIVAL : Medals are awarded to each dancer with a score above 60%. Dancers will be awarded a Bronze, High Bronze, Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, Ultimate Gold, or Diamond, this includes each dancer in a Duo/Trio & Group.

CHAMPIONSHIPS : Ranking will take place in each section. Top honours and awards will be given to the Top 5 routines from each section.

IMPRO / DANCE OFF : Awards will be given to the Top 3 routines in each age group.

A Prize Giving ceremony will take place after a few sections have competed as per the schedule


Festival and Championships:

Solo's:  1:00 - 2:00

Duet/Trio:  1:00 - 2:00

Group:  2:00 - 3:00


To be confirmed


Acrobatics | Ballet | Disco Dance / Freestyle | Hip Hop / Commercial | Contemporary / Modern | Lyrical | Jazz | Modern Jazz | Tap | Show Dance | Open

FESTIVAL : Beginner Solo, Novice Solo, Intermediate Solo, Advanced Solo. For Duet/Trio & Groups there are Beginner & Novice and Intermediate & Advanced divisions.

The age group a dancer will compete in will be according to the age the dancer is on 1 July. The age division for Duet/Trio & Groups will be determined by the average age of all dancers on 1 July.

Please read through the rules and regulations for more details regarding each Discipline & Level.


  •   Centurion, South Africa
  •   012 004 0554

About SA Dance Talent

The SA Dance School Championships is organised and run by SA Dance Talent who is dedicated to the growth of dance and dancers in South Africa by exposing studios, teachers and dancers to local and international competitions.