Important Information

Great News!

SADSC has received enough entries to fill ONE WEEK of competition running time.
The competition will be hosted the last week of October which is the 27th to the 31st of October 2020.

Tickets are ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE and must be purchased before attending the event. There will be no ticket sales at the venue.
Spectators will be required to read and confirm the indemnity clause when purchasing daily spectators’ tickets online.

Price: R65.00 per person (all ages)

Event Name: SADSC Pretoria 2020

Kindly note, although spectators are purchasing DAILY entrance tickets, the only people that will be able to enter for a specific SESSION
are the dancers performing in that session along with their spectators.
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Information and Covid-19 related rules,
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  •   Centurion, South Africa
  •   012 004 0554

About SA Dance Talent

The SA Dance School Championships is organised and run by SA Dance Talent who is dedicated to the growth of dance and dancers in South Africa by exposing studios, teachers and dancers to local and international competitions.